DASA is a mixture of many different elements. The creator who, with 18 years of experience as a event decorator and 11 years as owner to different Food & Beverage brands (with aver 60 stores spread out in malls and high-end areas around Indonesia), is the backbone of this emerging enterprise. 

Next is the menu, which in itself is a synthesis of only the best items from each of those brands' menus. This includes top picks from over hundreds of Japanese dishes, choices from a fine-dining western steakhouse, and a prized selection from a carte du jour of authentic Indonesian cuisine from every corner of the country. 

Through the unification of these aspects, comes DASA. The name itself is Sanskirt of the word dasha, meaning `ten', a symbol of absolution and perfection.  DASA is here to bring you the beauty and spectacle that is our cuisine.

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